Thursday, June 04, 2009

Growing Pains

Seth Godin blogs ( and he writes about business and marketing principles, not too mention that he is so smart that he frustrates me!

I am in the process of evaluation and one of the things that Seth writes is:

Growth is frightening for a lot of people. It brings change and the opportunity for public failure. So if the astrological signs aren't right or the water is too cold or we've got a twinge in our elbow, we find an excuse. We decide to do it later, or not at all.

But uncertain times, frozen liquidity, political change and poor astrological forecasts (not to mention chicken entrails) all lead to less competition, more available talent and a do-or-die attitude that causes real change to happen.

If I wasn't already running my own business, today is the day I'd start one.

From my perspective there is no better time for the church then now. We have a great opportunity to partner with God and have a huge impact on our community and our world.
How can you partner with God to make a huge impact. God wants to use you to change your world and there is no better time than now! What are your thoughts?