Tuesday, April 17, 2007

What do you believe? Again!

This is cool....I think....I love it when people send me books to read and then they ask me to blog on them. The next book that we will be looking at is GOD on MUTE, by Pete Greig. But here is the problem....I began to read it, then I let someone "look" at it......they are still "looking/reading" it! But don't worry, I know where they live, and I should be getting it back real soon! Or.........................
Anyway, I just had another post in the comment section of What do you believe? I would like to draw people's eyes to "Karen's" comment and want to encourage more discussion on this post...
So, some serious questions have been asked....what are your responses?

Monday, April 09, 2007

What do you believe?

Have you ever really asked yourself that question?

I had a conversation last week with a person who was struggling with this concept simply because the people in thier world were on spiritual journeys. But, in this journey, there was no foundation and thier spirituality is based on their personal, subjective feelings on everything.
We live in a spiritual world. I say that all the time...but...yesterday was RESURRECTION SUNDAY! A huge day in our world....

This Resurrection Sunday we as a congregation recited the Apostle’s Creed at the end of the gathering.
And by my choice I picked the older version (I like the ancient stuff!)
I did not even think twice (my bad) as to what kind of ramifications that this would have on so many people. It has led me to have to teach on what I would call 'our Creed' or 'what we believe?'
And then there is that small word….we…what do ‘WE’ (a very inclusive word) really believe? What do we believe? What do we know? What if we differ? Can we say we believe? What do we study? What do we read? What shapes our values? What shapes our beliefs? What shapes our understand of GOD? What shapes our understanding of scripture? What about those who believe differently about GOD, Jesus, Holy Spirit? What about the History of Jesus? His birth, his Life, His death, His resurrection? Where is He now? What about our belief of the church? Saints? Eternal life?

The questions go on…

As a person of faith….what do we/you believe?