Tuesday, April 17, 2007

What do you believe? Again!

This is cool....I think....I love it when people send me books to read and then they ask me to blog on them. The next book that we will be looking at is GOD on MUTE, by Pete Greig. But here is the problem....I began to read it, then I let someone "look" at it......they are still "looking/reading" it! But don't worry, I know where they live, and I should be getting it back real soon! Or.........................
Anyway, I just had another post in the comment section of What do you believe? I would like to draw people's eyes to "Karen's" comment and want to encourage more discussion on this post...
So, some serious questions have been asked....what are your responses?


Anonymous said...


How do I see the Trinity in response to your question?

you quote,"If any one of the three Father,Spirit,Son were removed, there would be no God.

Be assured in heart that there would be a God Forever in nature, but removed from the Trinity I believe God would be removed as part of three person and a helper to help us overcome area's in our life that keep us in bondage.

Just an example, if I am going through something in my personal life such as an addiction of some sort, my carnated mind tell's me that I will never overcome this area, even as a Christian & praying for God to remove this bondage from my life, but if I look to him in three persons' Father, Spirit, Son there is a hope, a hope everlasting to help one break free.

He will then send The Holy Spirit as my comforter; to remind me of who God is. I don't know if you've ever been in a bondage or know of someone in addiction or in trouble of another sort, but I know in my own life the Trinity has meant a freedom & if I am inlined in these three persons - father, Spirit, Son, in my thought's, in my heart and in my praying for his healing over my life I begin to feel changed, and change comes. My father who sent his son to die on a cross so that I may live & his spirit to walk beside me as well to guide me, to speak to me, to encourage me along the way as temptation may arise & to rejoice with me in Thanking God when I've overcome a temptation. It is the Spirit that brings one to recognize who Christ really is unless I choose to ignore him, which is easy to do by choice, as for me the Holy Spirit has been sent from God as our comforter to continue to speak word's of truth of who you are as a person and how loved you are as a person to God who created this universe & the son who died for you so that you may live.

To fight and refuse this is to ignore the testimony of who Jesus is. A man, who came to this earth sent from his own father which is a part of who God is in nature & lived on this earth as a man, with same temptation's we may have in this life, who cried, who helped other's in need & later died so that I may live a life with him if I so choose and ask hime to live in me so that I may have a life full of his joy, peace and someone to turn to for his help and guidance in this crazy life, not excepting him only to get my free ticket into Heaven.

If one thinks it is a force that is revealing who Jesus is, than this would automatically change who Jesus is as well, and what purpose he had on the earth.

I know the Trinity for me is just that, Father, Spirit, Son I invite you into my life and working together as 3 person's to begin your healing in my life so that I may live. I know now in my life I can't have one without the other.

Hope this helps, this is what I believe to be true in my own personal walk in faith. You may or other's may not agree that's fine. You have a lot of questions. This is just one area I believe to be true in my own personal life and experience of who my God is.

Anonymous said...

Well, I guess since no one else is responding to Karen's 5 points in the previous blog, I thought I might as well.

I believe...

To answer question 1 (Could Jesus have been created by God before the creation of this world or did He eternally exist?)

The Bible indicates that Jesus has always existed. First, take the verse, "I the LORD do not change" (Malachi 3:6). If He does not change, then He has not changed "forms" over time. Second, in Revelation 22:13 Jesus says, "I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End". This is repeated in Revelation 1:8, 1:17, and 21:6. The same thing is said of both God the Father and of Jesus Christ, in Revelation 1:8 and Revelation 4:8... "Who was and is and is to come." I would conclude through these verses (which are by no means all of the proof in the Bible on this topic) that Jesus has always existed, just as the Father has always existed.

2. (The doctrine of the Trinity) I pray that the LORD Himself will reveal the mystery of "The Trinity" (a term that man has come up with, not found in the Bible) to you, because although it can never be understood with our minds, it is clear from the Bible that all three Persons are God, and that there is only One, and that they are all necessary.

Well... that's all the time I have to post today... maybe I will respond to the rest another day...

Karen said...

Malachi 3:6 and James 1:17 The reference to “does not change” in these verses are to indicate to the reader that the Lord can be counted on to be faithful to his covenant. This came at a time when many people were beginning to think to the contrary. It is not a reference to prove or show that God does not change “forms” over time.

My question to your next set of scriptures is “the beginning of what?” This does not prove that Jesus has existed eternally. It can also mean that he was simply in existence before the creation of mankind and the earth. How do you explain “beginning”in this verse? It is talking about Jesus.

And unto the angel of the church of the Laodiceans write; These things saith the Amen, the faithful and true witness, the beginning of the creation of God;
KJV Rev 3:14
I am not saying that Jesus did definitely not eternally exist. What I am saying is that it is also equally possible that that MAY NOT BE TRUE. If you believe in the trinity there is no other option; you need to believe it in order to make the theory work. If you can remove the blinders of that way of thinking and actually just read the bible without the religious doctrine biasing your reading you will quite probably get a different perspective.
There may be a reason people call the Trinity a “mystery” It is strange that so few people can understand it and yet it seems that it can definitely be said as to what it is and what it isn’t.

Anonymous said...

Ask Him... He will show you the truth. We can't figure it out with our brains. If the Bible says something... ask for the faith to simply take it at face value and just believe it. If we would be willing to believe and act upon the simple truths that are clearly spoken in the Word, then the foggier areas will become more clear as well, and we would not get "stuck" on them.

Karen said...

You are right; when we seek God he will show us the truth. I also agree that we should believe what the bible says.....now where do you find the trinity simply revealed in your bible? Also, God gave us intelligence to discern and understand many things. Although complete understanding may not be available to us in this life, we should not be lazy Christians and just accept tradition or mans explainations without searching scriptures ourselves. If your brain can not figure it out perhaps getting "stuck" for a while and taking the time to pray and study would be a good thing.