Sunday, July 09, 2006

At the Lake

Need a break? I do! So I will post next week.


Anonymous said...

I am not sure where else to write this, since there are no room for comments about the musings, so I hope this is ok.

I just read one of those musings... the one about the potluck. So,I would like to know exactly who wrote it. Because, well, you must be the only really safe person in the world. You will keep my secrets? Really? You can carry my burdens? So, if I share at your potluck then you'll like my jello? Who says? I'd like to know where there's a safe place like that. There's never been one before. Church people are the worst back biters I've ever seen. You might eat my jello, but you'll most likely make faces as soon as my back is turned.

I just want to know who you are. Is there really a safe person in the world? Where are you?

kenny said...

hey...hope it is alright to comment on your comment.
the one and only fully trustworthy person who is the safest of anyone is God. Through experience that is, He has proven to me that he is safe and doesn't make faces. Humans fail miserably.
As for sharing life...stories, history, take some chances. There is little in the world that surprises me. I have experiences a lot...done a lot and if people knew everything about me I too might be worried, but I have found people who I can share everything with...even those dark areas in my life, things I have done that I am not all that proud of...yet they love me and eat my jello and won't make faces...unless you put something other than fruit in it. take a chance...I would. It is those people who you will find will stick closer to you than anyone. Find some broken Christ Followers, who recognize their brokenness and their need of a saviour and you will find kindred souls.

A Not So Desperate Housewife said...

Hi Anonymous,
No, I'm not the 'only' safe person in the world-I'm sorry that you feel that way. I can't help but to agree with you in many ways, but know that there is no one who is perfect. Safe doesn't mean perfect. As I become inspired and write something God places on my heart, I'm in no way protesting to be all of those things-but rather it is merely a letter to my heart, and to those who are willing to read it also and be inspired to change. It is a letter to my heart that keeps me on track, and yes I desire each day to be all of those things. Can you trust me? Yes. Will I fail you? I'm imperfectly human, it is inevitable I'm sure. I can't promise that I'll like your Jell-O, but I will love you reguardless. I pray that you will find that 'safe person', who will love you no less no matter what's inside your closet.

Stephanie said...

Hi Anonymous,

It's funny that when I read the potluck musing, I had the same thoughts as you. Betrayal, hurt from the past, and lots of fear tried really hard to take over. That's the crazy thing. You're right. The people who have hurt me the most are church people. The meanest, most spiteful people I have ever known are church people.
But just because something has happened every single time before doesn't mean it will continue. I believe in change because I've experienced change. It is always worth opening up one more time. It was through compassionate, real people that the healing of my past hurts began. There are more safe people out there than you might expect. There are people who, at just the right moment, reflect the character of God, and show you what love really is. Don't give up. Don't believe the lie that the past will be the future. Where you are at right now is not forever.

Michael said...

Gerry - enjoy the break.

Still laughing at the nelly-lazuras connection.

You may have to repent for that one :)

Jamie Arpin-Ricci said...

I just got back from the lake myself. Rested and sun toasted. Ahhh... Hope you enjoyed! We really need to connect.