Sunday, September 10, 2006

Prayer Posture #1

" If you wish to live in peace and harmony with others, you must learn to discipline yourself in many ways." Thomas a Kempis

When it comes to prayer and worship, bodily posture makes no difference at all. You can pray anywhere, any time, and in any position. In another sense, posture is of utmost importance. It is important to realize that the body and soul, physical and spiritual and the prayer and the posture that we take impact each other in profound ways. Our bodies can tell us a lot about how we are praying and worshipping. Not only does outward posture reflect an inward state, it also helps to nurture an inner attitude.

One caution…we can do all the postures and movements etc, but we really need to understand that they in themselves do not produce grace!!!! They are only effective as the person is open to receiving the touch of GOD. A quick mindless posture is a worthless as saying the Lord’s Prayer in boredom. But it is a humble and contrite heart coupled with bodily expressing ourselves before GOD where we begin to experience GOD in a wonderful way.

The concept of the body being involved in prayer and worship is an ancient practice that is documented throughout scripture. From the beginning of time until today there has been a great variety of expressions of Jewish and Christian spirituality around the world. And it is this faith in GOD that is lived OUT through the human body. In other words our faith is not just intellectual, it manifests itself in numerous physical ways. Physical faith is an integrated faith, which honors both the body and the soul.

Let me ask you this…what happens when you get cut off, or when things are not going right, or the kids are driving you crazy or the boss is driving you nuts….what happens?
You get worked up. What is working you up this week? Anger, fear, anxiety, frustration, hate? Whatever it is that weighs on your mind or is a concern to you. Take all that and imagine that it is in your hand. Take your tight fisted hands and do a simple exercise of palms down as a symbolic indication of your desire to turn over any concerns that you over to GOD. As you do that, pray “GOD I give you my anger, hurt (name your issues)” and when you are done, open your hands (palms downs, as if those things that you are releasing will fall.)

Now turn your palms up towards heaven. This represents the receiving of healing of GOD. Then ask GOD to begin to fill those areas of hurt with His presence and healing.
When you are finished asking GOD to move in those areas of your life, simply spend a moment in silence. End the time thanking GOD for who He is.

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Stephanie said...

By the way, church last week was WONDERFUL. I loved the format... hear teaching, then DO it. I'd love to see more praying together, and "experimenting" with different "postures". It's good for those of us who are reserved in the more demonstrative forms of worship. (After the very "sit still, don't clap your hands" way I was raised, I still have to get up my nerve just to raise my hands for the blessing at the end of church!!!) May God bless you and your family.