Thursday, December 14, 2006


So, I think this image says it all!
I had a crash last Friday and I am still in the process of getting the thing fixed....I hate computers....but I love them too.
So, I really don't have anything deep to say other than my post about coffee is really amazing! I mean the responses are...I never for a moment thought that you would respond the way you all are. It is as if something that 'trite' (in my eyes at the time) hit a nerve for many. How about we shed the mug and coffee image and talk about reality?



Misty B said...
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kenny said...

computers...okay...mine used to be nicknamed satan and the printer...well I will refrain.
Now reality...that is another thing!

SoulPastor said...

It is up and running...a few virus' later!
I like the name! I may adopt it!