Tuesday, June 19, 2007

GOD on Mute Part 6

I am pleased with the discussion on Part 5. I would encourage those to continue to express and explain views that appear divergent in a civil manner.

But we must continue with Grieg’s book on Chapter 8, GOD’S WILL.

So in a nutshell, Pete adds 5 more answers to the question of “why unanswered prayer?”
Are you ready....here they are:

#6 God’s Best: Some prayers aren’t answered because God has got something better for us.

#7 Motive: Some prayers (even spiritual sounding ones) aren’t answered because they are, in fact, selfishly motivated.

#8 Relationship: Some prayers aren’t answered because God Himself is a greater answer than the thing we are asking for and He wants to use our sense of need to draw us into a deeper relationship with Himself.

#9 Free Will: Some prayers aren’t answered because God will not force a person to do something that he or she does not want to do.

#10 Influence: Some of our prayers aren’t yet answered because they are working gradually and not as an impersonal mechanism of forced control.


Anonymous said...

next topic?

Anonymous said...

right in front of you

Anonymous said...

All these reasons are good and understandable.

Regardless we are still to pray. When Jesus was about to leave the earth he taught his disciples that their form of communication with him would change - from conversation into prayer with his Spirit. He left them to be his witnesses and left them with earthly assignments.

IMO what they were to do, and what we are to do, is to look around at the place and circumstances God has placed us and report to him what's happening, what we feel is needed, where we need help, where his hand is needed, etc. The filtering and decision making is then up to him and Greig's list shows us how he sorts it all out.

The bottom line is no matter the end result, we are still to pray.

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