Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Special Edition Post

They are back! They may be so 1991 but I had a number of different sets. You too can now be a proud owner of the COOLEST sweats EVER!
Zubaz! Yes, I said Zubaz! Check it out...cheaper then when they first came out! Ummmm
Anyway, a Christmas gift everyone NEEDS!


Manetheren said...

I HATE sweats - they look butt-ugly no matter what the brand. While they may be comfy around the house, I would never wear them out anywhere. If I'm exercising, I much prefer my bike shorts - the spandex and chamois combo is incredibly comfy. I remember people wearing those Zubaz things. Atrocious. Hideous. Eeeewwwww.

Of course, my distaste probably stems from the fact that I wore sweats a lot in my teenage years - the pictures look terrible. I was even wearing a bright red pair when I descended into the baptismal tank. Some memories are better left buried.

Kirsten said...

Nooooo! Not Zubaz!!
Oh dear, I remember the olden days where Mr. SoulPastor himself would sport every type and colour of these awful eye-straining pants.
If you are going to promote them....then you MUST take a photo of yourself wearing some! (or post an old photo to prove I am right...they are wicked bad!)