Monday, January 28, 2008

Urgent Prayer Request

This is an urgent call for prayer! Not too long ago we had a missionary couple from Kenya visit our spiritual community and share what GOD is doing in Kenya and how he is using this couple to help in the community where they live. The following is excerpts from many emails that have been edited…but they give you a sense of what is going on overseas. I have taken great pains to edit the emails but I trust you understand the big picture!

Dear Friends,

Please pray for Kenya . And we'd appreciate your prayers for us as well.

So far things have been calm here in ********** save for riotous youth burning down the opposition's office after the voting results were announced….

However, I'm writing you tonight as we've just heard a lot of gunfire in our neighbourhood. It's dark and there is no way of knowing what is going on. But it is a clear indication that we are not immune from what has been happening in other parts of the country.

…one of our workers who lives on the compound with us was just out visiting a friend when the shooting started… He ran back immediately and is now safe with us.
We've had our news somewhat censured here so don't hear everything that is happening around the country though we have heard reports of a church being set on fire in another part of the country leaving something like 50 people dead. You may know more from your news sources or from the internet.

Please pray for this country!

Hello again

Since our last email to you much has happened. Sorry if I repeat myself but just wanted to fill you in on how life is for us here at the moment and for Kenyans that we know. Life here has pretty much come to a stand-still. Though things are slowly returning back to normal it still has a way to go.

The situation became even more real to us on Tuesday night when we heard prolonged bursts of gunfire in our neighbourhood. It was dark and we hadn't a clue what was going on but it certainly raised our anxiety levels a few notches. Since then the police have imposed a curfew – no one is allowed out after 7.00 pm and things have quietened down again. Today I met with the …staff … They were all very worried and scared, and gave me their version of what happened on Tuesday night.

******** heard that there was a group of … young men armed with machetes and knives, who decided to fight … and drive (others) from the town. ******** told me that the rumours are in fact true that some members of the sinister (and dreaded) ***** sect are in ******** . This sect caused a lot of problems last year. They want people to return to traditional …. beliefs and they carried out several grisly murders around ……, including many beheadings. The police clamped down on their activities and many of them fled to the ******** area. Although the police managed to catch many of those that came to ******** a few remained in hiding.

****** is based at the prison where (a relative) works so is relatively safe. …. told us though that hundreds of people are camped out in the staff dining room within the prison compound as they are afraid for their lives. Others are camping out near the police station. The father of a little boy******** … received a death threat this week. He … lives with his wife around the corner from *******. They are so afraid that they are moving house to be near the prison.
…The news is filled with stories of atrocious acts of hate being perpetrated throughout the country. But when it affects people close to you and those living around you, the seriousness of the situation really hits home.

This is tragic. We keep asking ourselves how this could be happening here. We have felt many emotions over the past few days – disbelief, anxiety, sadness, frustration. The underlying question is: how is this all going to end? While the politicians exchange rhetoric, everyday people are suffering and life has been put on hold…Meanwhile, in the shops, supplies are running out and there is no petrol or diesel in town. Prices of basic goods have shot up. The Red Cross has set up a distribution point in town to help those displaced by the violence. While these are minor 'hardships' compared to what many have suffered in this country, it is still a reality of life here at the moment.

We have tried to protect our kids from what has been going on here but the couldn't help but hear the gunfire the other night and were full of questions. They are definitely aware that all is not as it should be and yesterday, when I was tucking ****** up in bed, he said to me 'Mummy, will Jesus save us from the giants, the guns and all the bad things that happen?' Out of the mouths of babes…

Thanks for praying for us. We're aware that Kenya is moving away as a main item of news but things are still going on here. Please keep in touch. We love hearing from you and will do our best to respond.

THOUGHTS? Prayers!

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captivating said...

Friends of ours are missionaries in Africa and have children that attend a school in Kenya - a Christian boarding school. The children were sent home from Kenya and are safe. We will continue to pray.