Wednesday, May 28, 2008

New Thought!

That cartoon made me snicker! Thought I would share it and it has nothing to do what I am going to write about.
I have a collection of old books and everyone once in a while I pull one out and read it, along with the 5 other books that I am reading. I was struck on a quote in a small daily devotional. The topic is on it is and I would love to hear your response....
"One great characteristic of holiness is never to be exacting - never to complain. Each complaint drags us down a degree, in our upward course. If you would discern in whom God's spirit dwells, watch that person, and notice whether you ever hear them murmur."
Gold Dust - (seriously, that is the name attributed to the quote)


Misty B said...

Yikes. You are hitting me right where I am at. And I am not at the characterising holiness place...

Lately I have found myself grumpy about everything. I feel slighted by the stupidest things. I don't know why I feel this way. I have moved a long way towards being more positive and taking things in stride... I do know that yesterday I decided that I was making myself miserable and I would stop. Today well... still miserable.

Jean said...

Ouch! I complain/murmur way too much. Someone challenged me once to take the 20 day no -complaining challenge. I have to say I couldn't make it through one day!
But I want to be holy. Hmm. God help me!