Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Well Said....

I get confused at times...really I do. I get confused how people "do church." I wrote a post a while back on McChurch but recently an fellow blogger wrote one that I found interesting.

Give it is a read and tell me what you think....



novice said...

Well said, indeed.

I especially liked the quote from someone else's post he included there...

"And perhaps most counter cultural of all, we don’t necessarily pursue success; we pursue faithfulness."

I remember the first time someone told me that... I think it honestly changed my life.

RosalieG said...

Talk about overanalyzing the overanalyses.

I think it is simplistic to think we can ever create one model of church that is perfection. No way.

We are better off to follow the unique stuff God puts in us and path he puts us on. So you can buffet on Maxwell, Hybels, Warren, Meyer, Moore or all the new Emergent stuff. Take from it all and then create as God leads, for such a time and place as you are found.

Church is different than McDonalds. There you are looking for temporary satisfaction of your hunger, you are not looking to connect spiritually or for relationships.

I think a church should focus on these thoughts: Everyone in the world is asking "Does anyone love me?"; "Does anyone care?"; "Am I just taking up a seat, or would I be missed if I never came back?"; "Does anyone want to know anything about me?"; "Does anyone care what I do for a job?"; "Does this church have any resources beyond Sunday to meet the deep needs of my heart?"; "Am I the only one struggling with this issue?"; "Can I find a family here?";"Where do I find Jesus with skin on?";"Do I have anything to offer anyone else?"; "Can I use my gifts here - are they wanted - how do I find out?"; "How do I make friends that I feel I can count on?";"Will anyone come to my funeral?"; "Will this church make sandwiches for my family when I die?"---

This kind of stuff isn't found through powerpoint and good worship music. It is more hands on than that. When a church can find answers to those questions and score high, I think they have something good going on.

That is the kind of church people want to invite outsiders to. When they feel supported and healthy they are better able to minister to those in the world around them too.