Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Looking in, Looking out, a different perspective

I am having problems embedding videos into this blog. Sorry about that. Click on this link and tell me what you think?




Paul Bell said...

My Thoughts, in order that they came to me:

Beginning: I like this song, Radiohead is brilliant.

5 Seconds: I see where this is going - brain prepare for guilt trip.

30 Seconds: These kids don't stand a fighting chance, there are so many societal obstacles to overcome.

45 Seconds: I wonder what part of the world each of these kids are from.

1:20ish: The kid on the left doesn't really look all that happy.

1:30: I see the comparison being made, but why does everyone blame the west. Sure we are partly to blame, but there are as many people to blame in their country as well. Corrupt government officials, CEOs etc etc. That still doesn't justify the lack of information provided to the west regarding this situation. If people really knew where there clothing came from, would they stop buying...come to think of it, probably not. I know, and I still buy clothing made in these places. We need special labels put on things saying exactly where they were made and how, some countries are civil about the way clothes are made.

2:00ish - Kid didn't even write anything on the chalkboard.

220ish - Great Video Concept. Man I love the eeriness of this song. Great piano sound. I'm going to have to watch this a few times, this whole time line thing is harder than I thought.

2:45 - How can I possibly help change a system like this. Its a machine that works in perpetual motion, you can't stop it. It would take hundreds of years to disassemble it and rebuild a new one, and eventually that would become just as corrupt. When will civilization start being human?

2:50 - What is that kid drawing?

3:36 - For the cost of this video, Radiohead could likely have put most of those kids into an education program. However, without this video how many people would go on with their lives oblivious to what goes on in the world.

End - I'm going to go back and write my thoughts about this video in a time line. No reason why, just might be kind of fun. Ooo. I'm going to watch the Scotch Mist version now.

younghands said...

Wow, tonight at Solace we are talking about this exact issue. One of the girls came back from a trip where they were exposed to some of these sweat shops.
Thanks for putting this on your blog.