Saturday, August 08, 2009

Mid Summer Thought - Twitter Will Kill You

So, I have been off the blog for a while. Just taking some time to clear my head and process the future. I stumbled across this add...thought it was fantastic...



John Evans said...

Too funny! Of course I immediately posted it too Twitter! ;-)

Jimmy in Cowtown said...

So Ger, with Twitter, Facebook, blogs and all the rest of technology driving the manner in which people choose to communicate - how do you plan on reaching people to achieve your goal of sharing God's word, but not get sucked into the Techno-void?

Moderation is an easy solution, but applying it is a challenge.

SoulPastor said...


How do I plan....? Old School. Talking, conversation, face to face, friendship, preaching.....

1% of Canadians use twitter and the majority of them use it to promote business.

FACEBOOK is the 4th most popular website, with the highest amount of users per capita being Winnipeg.

I am pretty sure if I began to preach on twitter or FB, I would be defriended in a moment.

I agree with you about moderation....

Brandi said...

I thought this was hilarious and so true! Nothing worse than a driver whom is texting!!

I admit I have taken my Facebook account down several times because people feel it is "easier and/or faster" to communicate with my husband and I that are far away from Winnipeg (home) and I have mentioned many times that personal conversations will not take place on Facebook.

A face to face conversation is not possible but there still is this old technology called a home phone. Do people still remember that thing? I find it hilarious that most people that still have a home phone pay $5/ month for long distance and never use it. Instead they resort to email, Facebook, twitter and other Internet technology in order to communicate with their loved ones, which tend to have a monthly cost of around $40. Then tack on mobile phone services and wow you are about to break the bank!
I miss the days where there was a caring voice with whom I could speak with...Thankfully through honesty with those in question more people do call now and then.
I think it has come down to personally re-evaluating why we use these tools and the effects it has on others.

Brandi Thelen