Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Sunday Recap

Most people look at Genesis 39 and use it for some valuable lessons to teach us how to face temptation, but I do not believe that is the central message which was intended for us to learn here. The thread which ties the entire narrative of chapter 39 together is the theme of suffering! Few would disagree with the statement that God was with Joseph in Potiphar’s penthouse, but many would question how God could be with Joseph when he was in prison? Most would agree that Joseph’s prosperity in Potiphar’s house came from God due to his faithfulness as a hardworking servant, but how many can say with as much conviction that Joseph’s purity with regard to Potiphar’s wife rightly resulted in his being put into prison?

Since many Christians today seem to think that obedience should always bring success and prosperity, Joseph’s imprisonment should cause us to rethink the success strategies made popular in western Christianity. Some wonder if much of our thinking concerning suffering and success needs to be challenged and changed.

Wht say ye?

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