Wednesday, October 06, 2010

What can you do with $10?

What can you do with $10? Someone replied to that very same question with the answer of "not much!" To which really got me thinking. If $10 is not all that much, then it should not be very difficult for people to help contribute in a simple fund raiser for Habitat for Humanity.
After all, it is only $10. That's not much...therefore is should be relatively easy for us to donate to a very credible organization who make it thier mission to make affordable housing accessible to working families who earn less than the low-income cut-off.
Soul Sanctuary is taking the next few weeks to raise awareness for Habitat and to get all our friends, family, coworkers and electronic contacts together to make a difference by contributing $10 a person to Habitat.
We have made it very easy for you to contribute. Simply click here: and then click on the DONATE button.
Thank you for taking time and donating a few of your hard earned dollars....

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How has the Habitat donation fund come along?