Thursday, March 10, 2011

Clarity in Times of Uncertainty

Have you been watching the news lately? Sure you have. You are probably gasping at the prices of gas and groceries as they rise, and the uncertainty in the Middle East political situation. If you are in Manitoba, celebrating that when you go to the states, you know you are getting a better bang for your CDN dollar, but at what cost?!

We live in time of uncertainty and it can cause people to hoard food, huddle up in your basement, load your gun, and wait for the end. OR in times of uncertainty, as believers, we can go back and reflect and revisit our lives and investigate what GOD has called you to do.

When I was at Catalyst West Coast, Andy Stanley gave the opening address and talked about having “Courage” (ROAR!) and began to lay out four circumstances that we will all eventually face. However there was one question that really got me thinking, especially as a pastor, but a question that applies to all of us: “Where does God want me to be?” Think about that for a while. Ponder, meditate…take it in and ask again… “Where does God want me to be?”

Here is my question…are you there? Stanley said that we should fear being outside of God’s will more than anything else. One day, when this chapter of your life is over, what is the story that will be left to tell? As a leader, as an individual, have you made any courageous decisions that changed your world?

We live in uncertain time and it in is these times that leaders are born. Decisions need to be made, and one cannot hide in a hole and wait for the world to end. God has a plan set up for us and we must move ahead! Ever notice how complacent we are when things are going really good? There is no need to worry or to do anything drastic, maybe we feel successful and all is good…but what do we learn during these times of certainty?

I walked away from my week at Catalyst realizing that in my own life as I attempt to lead our community, that it is OK for me to be uncertain in some of the areas that we find ourselves in such as the lack of a meeting space. But it is not OK to be unclear! For a number of weeks ago, we as a staff looked back at the original vision manual that I put together called See Winnipeg Clearly, which was the blueprint for our concept of planting Soul. What I have come to realize is that that we can be uncertain about what we are supposed to do as far as the plan is concerned but we have to be clear in knowing what God has called us to do! And I am clear on what I believe that God has called me (us) to do, and because of that there is less uncertainty that I have in the matter.

So, my question to you is “Are YOU being proactive in what God has called you to do?” Often, during uncertain times, we stop and wait before we move ahead, we want everything to be in place and all the stars have to align before we make a move, yet you can never be 100% sure, so the big biblical metaphor is then to STEP OUT and do something….spend time in prayer, go back to the moment in time when God really spoke to your heart, stop making life so complex…do what he has called you to do! Be clear, have courage! ROAR! Jeremiah 29:11



Anonymous said...

thanks for this....good timing.

Misty B said...

This resonated so much with me that all I could think of was YEAH! It's been a tough year (I still think in terms of school years) in ministry and I feel a call to rest but this also reminds me to be open and that perhaps not knowing exactly what is next isn't a bad thing.