Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Duh Veenchi Kode

I have been quiet on the Da Vinci thing for a reason……..it is fiction, enough said? I guess not.

Not too long ago I get this phone call from a reporter asking me. “As a pastor what are you going to do with this whole Da Vinci Code in your church? Are you going to use it as a tool for outreach/evangelism?” “What?” I asked. He replies, “The book, the movie…” I responded, “IT IS FICTION!” Enough said. I think he was truly disappointed with the fact that we were not jumping on the Da Vinci bandwagon and thus I made for another lousy story.

All the branding and marketing reminds me of the Purpose Driven or the Passion, and I wonder what really drives the western church? Anyway, I have other thoughts right now that I will keep to myself. It is my blog and I am entitled to that!

Back to Duh Vinchi. For those who need an answer:
There are a number of Christian authors who have released books critiquing The Da Vinci Code. They include:
Lee Strobel, Exploring the Da Vinci Code (co-authored with Gary Poole)
Josh McDowell, The Da Vinci Code: A Quest for Answers
Darrell Bock, Breaking the Da Vinci Code
James Garlow and Peter Jones, Cracking Da Vinci’s Code

Even Sony Pictures found a way to walk the public relations tightrope between not refuting any of Brown’s story and not alienating Christians. They have launched a website (www.thedavincichallenge.com) that allows critics of the book and film to speak freely about their concerns and attempt to correct what they believe are inaccuracies in both. In one sense, I see Sony’s website seems like a meager offering to appease offended Christians who are annoyed by the film with the hope that they will not likely go as nuts as some Muslims recently did over a cartoon. (OH RELAX, I KNOW THE HISTORY)

The Christian establishment worked itself into a frenzy over the book and now the movie. Both the book and the movie are a mess. Sermons have been preached about it and ministries have put out treatises debunking it. All of which is fine - if things are bad, get the alarm bells ringing. But when the movie came out…it came out with a resounding thud. Here was a typical review: “ The Da Vinci Code is a terrible movie. It’s a movie that’s too stupid to appreciate it’s own stupid origins, and so it takes itself completely seriously.” Four out of five reviewers thought it was a bad movie. Just thought you should know: the sky isn’t falling. Everybody can go back to watching all the other nonheretical Hollywood movies in the theatres.

BTW check out Jamie’s review at http://emergentvoyageurs.blog.com/


Jamie Arpin-Ricci said...

Thanks for the shout out. It seems we took the same position on the book/movie. Perhaps we needed a huge flop following the marketing push. Maybe a few more people will see through it for a change. Maybe...


johnniecomelately said...

We heard bad reviews about this movie months ago!

What alarms me... has nothing to do with the movie. It seems as though the christian outcry about the accuracy of this flic has created intrigue, with the fixation on discrediting it (look at the past weeks newscasts, magazines and blogs.)

Is it possible that the christian backlash may have aided in this thing becoming a weekend box office success, even after so many movie critics suggested that it would flop?

We christians need to 'get smart' and develop international stategies concerning the things that affect our belief systems. Instead of grumbling over theological differences, we will need to embrace our commonality or we will never be a voice of reason.

Frankly, I am sick of all of the 'loan rangers' out there, who lend the media their off the cuff comments, (trying to sell their opinions) before all the facts are in.

We now have lots of time to refute the claims in this movie.

Did we create this 'biggie'?

Jamie Arpin-Ricci said...

I think you are right, which is why my review was my one and only mention of the book/movie and I even that was too... neutral to stir up sales.

I feel the same way about online fundamentalist critics. I don't even bother mentioning them- heaven forbi I ever link them! Good point!


SoulPastor said...

Special thanks to Bill Kinnon http://www.kinnon.tv/
for leading me to this site.

The best reveiw ever of The Duh Veenchi Kode.

Anonymous said...

I found it sadly amusing that one could think a simple fictional book could derail an entire religion.

I appreciate your opinion on it, soulpastor. Thanks for taking the stand on it you did.

SoulPastor said...

You are welcome!