Wednesday, April 23, 2008


So, Sharon and I were having a conversation rearding the fact that the lease for Soul is ending and we will need a place to gather. So, what about calling everyone to begin to pray? Many times we just take things for granted and expect GOD to just show up. Soul Sanctuary has always been GOD's idea and I believe we need to listen close to His direction.

So this week, be praying for Soul this week. We are looking for property/a building either to purchase or lease. There are always a few options but we need GOD to open a door for us. We are believing GOD will provide us a building that will meet our needs and also that will become a hub to reach out to the community in a more effective way. So, my request my request is that you would make it a matter of prayer that we would lease on property or find a building to purchase and that in this process GOD will move and give us favor.


Jean said...

Request heard and I'm responding. Thanks for keeping us updated!

Meredith said...

In the last little while I've been hearing a ton of encouraging reports about churches that were able to buy, in spite of being recent church plants or not thinking they had the resources. Our own church is among them - we recently purchased a church building on a main street of the city for an incredible price - God has provided hugely there.

Whatever the solution turns out to be for Soul, we'll be praying for your church.