Friday, December 19, 2008

What are your thoughts?

Many people stumble across this blog for a variety of reasons from all over the world. What I would like to do is invite all who read this to simply, and even anonymously, post the answer to this question:


The topic is whatever you are thinking!


Manetheren said...

Thoughts rush through my head at breakneck speed all the time I'm awake. Sample of current ones: Why am I frequently such a selfish idiot? Why can't the local Christian station play metal? My kids are just so dang cute. I hope I don't die before Wheel of Time book 12 comes out. I wish I would get more sleep. Why am I not more excited about the Christmas season? I hate this blasted cold weather. I need to look sisters in Christ in the eye instead of looking at other parts. Do people really like me or are they just being polite? Why is this guy in front of me driving 40 kph in an 80 zone?

Just a sample. There's also music constantly playing in my head.

Anonymous said...

Life is overwhelming... I just can't decide if its in a positive or negative way.

Jordan said...

Well... At the moment mine aren't as deep... Its more like mmmmmmmmmmmmmm I love eggnog :)

Anonymous said...

MMM. Christmas cookies...

Misty B said...

All the way home I was fretting about whether I should hold a co-worker accountable for their actions (or inaction really) or just step in and fix the problem. I want to be forgiving and gracious. I also wonder at what point I just stop picking up the pieces.

I am also wondering why I am having such a hard time functioning lately. Maybe it has something to do with spending all my time on the way home worrying about stupid stuff... Thanks for listening:-)

brandir said...

I've got to thinking about how thankful I am for what I have in life; GOD, I have a loving adopted family, a warm house, food in my stomach, my freedom and so much more that HE has provided for me and I wonder, why me? Why not someone else more deserving (it wouldn't be hard to find someone, trust me) then I stop and think... there are so many people in Winnipeg alone, not including all the other countries that don't even have their simplest of needs met.

Yet their is still a part of me that desires more for my life - a sense of purpose and meaning as to why I am here. I wonder if that is selfishness or a desire to change the way people think and act. Is this a fruit or a branch that needs pruning...still pondering, it never stops.

I don't understand why HE chose to save me from my life and yet so many people are still suffering in similar or worse situations.

I'm just reminded at this time of year all that HE has done for me and I pray that my life is lived out to show how thankful I am. Although I doubt it looks even remotely close to that.

Brandi Randell

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking about why God hasn't shown me what the next step to take it. Why hasn't He given me a revelation or something yet?

CriticalDreams said...

How do I communicate with people without sounding demanding? Why can't I just talk to people without having to worry that I may offend them? Whose problem is this? Mine, or theirs?

Bonnie said...

I'm just glad that it's over and it went well.

Justin Hintz said...

Mine, like Jordan's, also are not that deep...

"Why does Jordan like his hair so long?"

"Is he too cheap for a barber?"

"Is he bringing back Lionel Ritchie from the 80's?"

"How in the world do I know what Lionel Ritchie's hair looked like in the 80's...I was like 7!"

Like I said...not so deep...

RosalieG said...

I'm wondering if Soul's pastors have visited Websites on multi-site churches, such as:

New Thing Network at

or model multi church sites such as Seacoast Church

Jordan said...

I was wondering if RosalieG could push another link.

ReligionSkeptic said...

Where to find God?
How to find God?
Who is God?

RosalieG said...

Oh my! Why do I bother? That's what I'm thinking.

I'm also thinking the apple doesn't fall far from the tree Jordon.

Karl said...

I'm not sure how Soul would work as a multisite church. When you think about how close the core community is who would go and serve in the new sites?

At the same time however things are getting pretty packed at the 1111 gathering(hence the reason my wife and I switched to 909, which still has lots of room)

Which then leads me to think that I need to pray more for wisdom and guidance for my pastors. And be thankfull that my most pressing concerns at the moment are my studies and my waistline(7 mennonite family gatherings in 10 days)

Final thought
Merry Christmas everyone

Scott said...

I'm think that people put to much thought into something that didn't require that much thinking to begin with. This isn't 'Nam, there are rules!

kmawesome said...

wow this is lots of pressure cause then i have to think about what i'm thinking, and all my thoughts are kind of fuzzy well snce it's almost 4:30 am that may have lots to do with it.
i am thinking i have to be up in about 4 hours but the kids will have presents to unwrap.
thinking i wish i were more organized
and that i need to do so much better in many areas of my life, that
i need to actually spend some time searching instead of just standing here asking questions.

where are you christmas? probably because tht's the song that was just playing.
why is that guy singing about cream of wheat?
i could go on but really i think that's enough and random enough for anyone.
bunnies are cute!
and sleep is good!
merry christmas to all and to all a good night.

Anonymous said...

My thoughts at this very moment would actually have to be about your last post titled, So, is this what Christmas is about?

And, do people who believe in Christ as our Lord and Savior, who has come to set us free; believe that he would save us from our addictions to complete restoration like this man? Is there really a safe place for the addict to come around in a community of believers and find safety and rest without judgement or feeling afraid?

Would we as a community be ready, equipped and ready to empower the addicts that come into our community? Would we actually know what to do in an emergency cry for help from an addict?

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking it is nice Karl thinks the core community is close because as a newer person I don't feel close at all and that makes me jealous.

Maybe there are outside the core people who would go and serve.

Anonymous said...

I'm hungry. Sometimes I get thirsty.

Philip MacCracken said...

It reminds me of one of those cones you put on dogs so they don't like their nuts.