Sunday, May 16, 2010

Facebook concerns and thoughts?

So EVERYONE, please check out the follow two links.....
The High Price of Facebook: Your Privacy:
Why I left FB this week:

I have always said that people disclose too much personal info on Facebook.
What are your thoughts?


Anonymous said...

Facebook has nothing to do with people being face to face...

It's disturbing how much people reveal of themselves; sometimes, without evening knowing it.

Above all else guard your heart. (Proverbs 4:23)

"Real" relationships are not forged in cyberspace but there IS a dominant theme of voyeurism that is, at best, superficial. Check out photos and see how many of them are trying to look sexy. No, really, it's pretty amazing how hard people (especially women)try to look like themselves on their best day. Then what happens when we don't look like that every other day?...

I just say to all that read this to beware... the devil disguises himself in many ways and works through many people so remember, guard your heart!

She... said...

I agree with the idea that people share too much on Facebook and that it could be dangerous.

I also think it is important to discuss the dangers of posting online out loud.

Where I differ is in 'what to do about it.' The message I get from someone posting too much information is that there is a longing to have someone simply hear what the poster has to say. Where I see the revealing picture of the woman, I see someone who thinks "This is the best I've got. I hope it is enough to have someone like me."

The uncomfortable self-disclosure of others is everywhere. I'm certain that at times I even do it myself. I hope that I contribute to solving this by listening... at least a little bit.

So.... upon reflection, maybe I agree with it all, but I think that we all contribute to the awkward posts - even if we don't personally post awkwardly... there are probably more times than we would like to admit - where we didn't simply listen.

Anonymous said...

I say that I think you we all can take a multitude of scriptures and make them fit in our lives however we want them to be. Protecting your privacy is important, but we are to be in the world and not of it so how can you make a difference if you live in a Christian bubble? Don't drive down the road because you may see a revealing bilboard that could cause you to lust or see a bar that may tempt you to try a drink or cut on your TV because hardly anything on there is representitive of Christ. I looked at the profile of the commander of this blog on his about me info gives me enough info to find out more. Bottom line is this, do what you can and guard yourself with wisdom in all things but don't run and hide because there "might" be a risk. Your identity is at risk everytime you open your snail mailbox, swipe your debit or credit card, make a phone call(caller id) and many other things we do everyday. "Do not fear for I am with you always". Now go out in faith and make disciples of ALL the world.