Sunday, May 09, 2010

May Sunday Reflection

We are back in Genesis and looking at chapter 37. Here we see that our main character is named Joseph. Joseph is a teen and appears mature and responsible for his age. Without question there is something special about this kid and we know by the story that it is that he has God’s hand on his life! I would go so far as to say, that this is a godly young man. This demonstrates that it’s possible to be 17 and ngodly. Joseph Unfortunately, in our culture we don’t give teens a half of chance. I am convinced that age is not the determining factor when it comes to godliness. The reality is there are only two classes of people in the church: mature and immature. Teenagers who have a great love and passion for the Lord are putting many adults who have been “saved” for decades to shame. The problem that I have seen is that many times we as adults pour water on the spiritual fire of our youth and young adults. I would say that in a nutshell, older people in the congregation/community must be cheerleaders of our youth and encourage them to take risks and live their dreams to make a difference in this world.
Joseph was a teen, a dreamer and his story teaches us firsthand what it takes to pursue and achieve your dreams. I am of the mind that God puts dreams in our hearts and minds. I believe that Joseph knew that in some way GOD was revealing Himself to Joseph.
What say Ye?


kenny said...

I think in the midst of recognizing that Joseph new that in some way God had revealed himself to him, he was the favorite child...and with that came siblings who envied and hated much they would sell him/tell their dad he was dead.
I have heard it preached that Joseph flaunted his favoritism. Regardless, we do need to cheer our youth on. All the youth. Not just the ones who appear to have it all together, or who have a sense of their calling...but each one, because they are all called by God in their own unique calling. I think the quiet youth, or the 'not so popular' youth fall through the crack more than we realize.
Also...mentoring is key. I realize that the youth are the next leaders and movers and shakers...let's celebrate them as young men and young women who have much more to offer than we realize.
Great message today...I will have to listen again, as I spent most of it in the atrium with my young daughter...which was a blessing too.

Horst said...

We have a dream. Far too often the dream fades to almost nothing because we fret about seemingly impossible details. Thanks for reminding us to leave the details to God.