Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Seeing Clearly!

So next week Soul Sanctuary is being called to set aside a 1 hour a week for 7 days to fast and pray. With that in mind here are some directives I would like to lay out for you all.
Ask yourself…What does God want to do in our city? Prayerfully dedicate yourself for the next week to see Winnipeg in a new and deeper way.

Go to a favourite vantage point to see Winnipeg. A tall building, the Forks, Garbage Hill and look at the city …slowly, carefully, prayerfully. Walk through Kings Park or the University of Manitoba.

Consider the current state of affairs in this city and your neighbourhood, look at all the developments that have been built to house thousands of people. Think about the people that you work with, see and live around on a regular basis…..imagine what God wants for this city.

Write it down and pray about what you believe God wants for this city!

What are the things that you least like about Winnipeg? (other than Winnipeg drivers) Ask God to give you a new perspective on these areas. Write down every word or words that come to mind about the City of Winnipeg in a five to eight minute range (be nice). Meditate on these words. Challenge yourself to add words that should have been there.

Spend 30 minutes in your local grocery store/library etc. and look at the people. Who is shopping or browsing? Find out the name of a staff member there and pay attention to who they are. Describe them.

Take a look around your neighbourhood after dark and ask God to show you the unseen. Write down your findings and feelings.

What did you see this week in your neighbourhood that you never seen before?

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