Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Great Post!

Seth Godin writes on his blog:
It's unreasonable to get out of bed on a snow day, when school has been cancelled, and turn the downtime into six hours of work on an extra credit physics lab.
It's unreasonable to launch a technology product that jumps the development curve by nine months, bringing the next generation out much earlier than more reasonable competitors.
It's unreasonable for a trucking company to answer the phone on the first ring.
It's unreasonable to start a new company without the reassurance venture money can bring.
It's unreasonable to expect a doctor's office to have a pleasant and helpful front desk staff.
It's unreasonable to walk away from a good gig in today's economy, even if you want to do something brave and original.
It's unreasonable for teachers to expect that we can enable disadvantaged inner city kids to do well in high school.
It's unreasonable to treat your colleagues and competitors with respect given the pressure you're under.
It's unreasonable to expect that anyone but a great woman, someone with both drive and advantages, could do anything important in a world where the deck is stacked against ordinary folks.
It's unreasonable to devote years of your life making a product that most people will never appreciate.
Fortunately, the world is filled with unreasonable people. Unfortunately, you need to compete with them.

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SantanaRose said...

As an Emergency Nurse, I face my share of unreasonable people every single day. But, somewhere amidst all of the frustration that brings, I know that I have been called to bring hope, healing and help to these same 'unreasonable people". Learning to do that with grace, is something God is definitely having to teach me.
And then I see the parallel between my job, and my "life" and it is filled with yet more unreasonable people. But, I think that what God says to unreasonable is "do it anyway". It was unreasonable for God to expect/send His Son Jesus to die for the sins of such ungrateful sinful humans. But, He didn't do it to compete with us, but to show us grace/compassion and love because He knew that would show us far more than simply bartering with us. I feel like we are called to the same thing.