Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A New Review!

So, I occasionally get free books! Pretty cool! But one of the stipulations is that I write a review of the book and post it. So here is my review of Out Live Your Life by Max Lucado.
Now, I have to be honest, I tried reading this book, but I had a hard time getting into it. Now, that can be due to a number of reasons, one being just unable to concentrate! So, I had this book in my hands for a while...and then one day, as I was at my travel companion's place to plan for Indonesia, he mentioned that he liked reading Lucado. So, I I have a book for you!

So, Mark has submitted the review below!

Its about making an impact in peoples lives. Your correct, its all about what we are trying to do in Indonesia. However, its a reminder of something larger than ourselves; its unity in the faith, focusing on what we have in common in Christ for the greater good of humanity. Remember the 120 churches, the 52-54 denominations in Salitaga? If the Holy Spirit can soften the hearts of God's people in this one city and unite them; could you imagine the impact? The book for me was a reminder and a challenge to what we should be about. Unity in Christ and doing good and looking after widows and orphans. We hope that what we do lives on. This is only possible to the extent we take seriously our faith. What does God expect of us and want to do through us? Faith and Action.

Mark S

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