Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Been reading and thinking and found this...

So our city is a buzz with the arrival of a NHL team. That is exciting, but in this whole process I always find myself being challenged on many levels. I stumbled across this post by Pastor Perry Noble and I thought I would share it with you...

21 Questions Leaders MUST Wrestle With!

God BLEW my mind while reading the book of James the other morning…and I’ve listed some leadership questions that EVERY leader/potential leader needs to think about/pray through.
#1 – Do I understand who I am?
James 1:1 – notice James didn’t identify himself as the brother of Jesus…but rather His servant! WOW!

#2 – Do I understand that ministry IS NOT easy? James 1:2-4 (when the writer BEGINS with these verses that’s a big time sign!)

#3 – Do I understand that I should spend more time on my face before God rather than worshipping the FACEBOOK God when seeking direction? James 1:5

#4 – Do you think that James is trying to get a point across…it’s not going to be easy…but we are called to be “in it to win it!” James 1:12

#5 – Do I understand it’s not IF I am tempted, but when…and IF I give into it then something WILL die? James 1:13-15

#6 – Do I understand that I am NOT THAT GOOD…that everything is a gift? James 1:16-18

#7 – HOW many bad decisions, arguments and misunderstandings could be avoided if we all simply memorized and applied James 1:19-20? (Also see James 1:26)

#8 – Do I understand I am not called just to preach the Word…but live it? James 1:22

#9 – Do I understand that showing favoritism WILL be a temptation…but I must always war against it? James 2:1-4

#10 – Do I understand that I am called to live and lead by faith…and if I am not taking steps of faith in my life and ministry then my faith is DEAD? James 2:14-26

#11 – Do I understand the weight of James 3:1? WOW!!!

#12 – Do I fully understand that when I become envious and selfish then that is simply the beginning of the end? James 3:13-18

#13 – Do I have the proper motives in regards to leading this ministry? James 4:1-3

#14 – Am I being opposed by God or is He offering me grace? James 4:6

#15 – Am I using my platform (whether it is speaking or the internet) to falsely attack, accuse and twist people’s words around? James 4:11-12

#16 – Do I understand my days are numbered, that I’ve got one shot at this life and I need to do all that I can to honor the One who called me? James 4:13-17

#17 – Do I understand that there are seasons of growth and seasons of preparation…and in those seasons of preparation I should not become impatient, but rather wait on God? James 5:7-8

#18 – Do I understand that integrity HAS to be a priority in my life and ministry? James 5:12

#19 – Do I understand that I cannot do this alone, that I need accountability in my life? James 5:16

#20 – Do I fully comprehend James 5:17-18…that Elijah was just like one of us? He literally called fire down from heaven! He prayed for rain…and it rained! I want THAT kind of faith!

#21 – Do I understand that ministry is messy…that I am called and expected to have tough conversations with the person that the Lord places on my heart, but in doing so the potential is unlimited? James 5:19-20

Do I understand.................................................................


Anonymous said...

I thought there was a fire or a terrorist attack. But it made no sense. The people were running towards something, not away.

You could see the adrenaline and rush, as if they just had to get there, now.

By the time I weaved my way through the small clusters of people I picked up a pattern. I encountered one here, and another there and then more here and there wearing these blue jerseys. I got it.

There was no fire or terrorist attack just NHL mania.

I thought, if we had such faith when Christ returned. Or how about now? I couldn't imagine what Winnipeg would look like if we were as extravagant as NHL fans in sharing our enthusiasm and convictions about God - as if there something so wonderful to get to. Yet, I think we're hiding in caves.

"and men will go into caves of the rocks, and into holes of the ground before the terror of the Lord, and before the splendor of His majesty when he arises to make the earth tremble." Is 2 :19


She... said...

#5 Seems to have struck a chord - it isn't uncommon to become more and more convinced - and disturbed - by #5 during my traffic-light thinking.