Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Frank Again...Last One.

Well, I find it interesting that in my last post regarding Frank Viola’s book “God’s Ultimate Passion” the comments are still flying. More than that, the quote I used to create dialogue was on prophecy, yet the comments found a rabbit hole and focused on environmentalism. What’s with that!!!?

Anyway, today is my last post with Frank. Some of you have asked me about the book and the author…you can check him out at www.frankviola.com

Again I quote Frank from page 277:
“If I can sum up the message of this book in a sentence it would be this: Your God is after a people who live for one purpose – His Ultimate Passion. But he is also after people who do not feel that they are special or elite in any sense. And that particular stance takes away every tool of the natural soul.”

Go back and read the comments off the positing “Frank Again....Almost done!” There is definitely a lot of passion there from both sides of the issue of environmentalism as well as prophecy. My concern is that although we can be passionate about different things and hold opposite views, why is it that people resort to ‘name calling’ when angered. Or that it is implied that we “know the truth” and all others are in the dark.

Is that what Jesus expected from His church? Or maybe this is the “natural soul” that Frank is talking about!


Scott said...

I think its the natural soul, are we not all inherently evil? What is the first word that comes out of your mouth when someone cuts your off and slams on their brakes. What is the first thing you think of the moment some gossip comes up that sounds believable. Its not often we get on our hands and knees and pray for these people in these situations. Its not that we have to, people will be morons. But isn't it the thought that counts?

Its natural for us to get angry. Name-calling, while it isnt called for (no pun intended) is a natural result of anger and passion. Ever watched a hockey game, a soccer game, it is normal. God calls us to do this and that, but Jesus never sinned. No matter what anyone says, its hard to be like Jesus, especially in the heat of the moment. It would take great mental strength to walk away or not open your mouth. This is rare. Name calling is a product of passion that is intense, when you want someone to see your side but maybe they just aren't getting it. Frustration ensues and then the rest comes out. Watch the House of Commons during question period, its great stuff.

My question is what is a solution to not having name calling or any other sort of hostility in a passionate argument or discussion. Most likely it started out civil, but something turns it on its head. How do you avoid confrontation in passion, especially when there are two different sides of this passion.

Now heres the solution. The key to this is the solution. If you are genuinely passionate about something, wouldn't you want to find a solution to the disagreement? Name calling will not do this, in fact i believe it would push the chance of a solution farther back. Name-calling is for people that don't really care about the solution but just want to get some sort of upper hand in the ego department.

While I am guilty of this I also know i argue sometimes for the sake of arguing. Passion for Global Warming or the Environment doesn't run theough my veins like others. But for the ones that are passionate but resort to verbal violence, realize you are getting nowhere with the insults. A solution only happens when 2 people or more agree on some level. If you can agree that you are a prick or w/e someone is calling you then fine, but i would venture to say that most wouldn't. I think until then, we will continue to beat the horse, and beat each other.

ISmith said...
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ISmith said...
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Scott said...

Oh yeah, ive been known for speaking my mind on things and saying things i probably shoudnt at that time, but i still ask the questions that i want the answers for. So yes i wouldnt have a problem to answer your question.

Anonymous said...

"but is there not something to be said for embracing the uniqueness of God's gifts to us and the wonder of being called by him? Is that not "special"? Are we not called to be set apart?"

Thanks for your comment. When I read Frank's quote, the line about not being special did not sit well with me either. While I think I understand what he is trying to get across, I think it sends a mixed message to the reader. Don't we tell our children that they are special and we love them very much? I think Veggie Tales even says that to the kids too that "You are special and God loves you very much!" Philippians 2 sums it up for me. Jesus had to know he was special and yet he lived in humility towards his father. We are called to be imitators of that kind of living.