Thursday, March 01, 2007

More Frank Again....

Thanks for the responses to the books and there is a open question in the responses of the last post, and I invite you to answer it. As for this week....I quote Frank from chapter 15:
"Part of my roots are in the Charismatic movement. When I was in that movement, I was repeatedly encouraged to seek God for a 'visitation' from heaven. As a result, I harboured the illusion that if God visited our church, He was pleased with it. I later discovered that God is not looking for a place to visit. He is looking for a place to dwell."
What are your thoughts to this quote?

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kenny said...

The charismatic movement and having been involved, I thought if I shook and had a manifestation experience or fell over, then I was doing great and that God was pleased with me. I did little serving the community, rather, I was constantly looking for another "spiritual high".

I too believe that God is looking for a place to dwell and that is in each individual person on the face of this planet. If we say we are all born of God, and that he knit us together in our mothers womb, then we have to take the stand that all people are children of God, and some people just don't know it yet. God is longing and searching for places to dwell, to infill, to bless and encourage further growth in terms of being in relationship with Him.

I learned a lot in the charismatic church building that I attended, but have since realized that I am the church and we are all members of the body. So I long for God to dwell in me and mature me and teach me. If I just wait for God to speak to me in a building on Sunday then I am missing out on a true relationship with him. I see God in my neighborhood and see him in the faces of children and other people in my life and my community and yes, I even see him at church on Sunday.