Monday, March 12, 2007

Meat Loaf?

" Hey Gerry, do you like meat loaf?"
What kind of question was that? Who in their right mind phones up an individual and asks them, 'do you like meat loaf?' A guy like Kevin...Now Kevin likes meat loaf but not Meat Loaf and so after a point of clarification I was asked..."Do you want to go to Meat Loaf?"

"YES! I would love to go to see Meat Loaf in concert." Well I could not say that I am a devotee, but I would not pass up the opportunity to see the guy in concert. So many memories...I was intrigued to see who was going to be at this concert. When Meat Loaf was popular in my day, those who listened to him were called "stoners," or "wankers" and they wore "lumberjack jackets" and had long unmanaged hair. Uh, memories of time past.........
So with the woman of my life and a couple of other reluctant "rockers" in tow, we went to the MTS Centre to watch "a show." Not knowing what to expect or what we will see....
What I saw was interesting....and older, much balder crowd than I anticipated. Actually, it was all the wankers from Jr. high school who are now older boomers with grand children. That was on stage.....Just really was the audience.
As for the show, we have to admit that technically, it was excellent. The stage set up and the talent of the musicians was fantastic. Even the lighting tech had it down to the beat. We were impressed. Without question, Meat Loaf surrounded himself with talent... really good talent...
I wonder if there was a reason for that?
I was disappointed with the fact that the video screens were so small and that there were no camera's to highlight anyone on stage. We sat far back and it was hard to see the stage, so without camera's it made it a little harsh to watch. The show was a little cheesy, but nonetheless an entertaining show. It was a typical rock n roll event. I have to admit, it was obvious that Meat Loaf's voice has seen enough rock n roll lifestyle...he was losing his pitch before the intermission. Maybe he was tired or just getting worn out, because after the intermission he spent a lot of time sitting while singing.
Interesting obsevations:
Dennis Quaid (the Rookie fame) with his entourage enjoyed the show as well...
Aspen Miller (American Idol fame) sang with Meat Loaf and did a great job!!!! Here acting needs work however.
Marion Raven opened the show with an acoustic set...she has a fantastic voice!!!
An entertaining night...but one that I left scratching my head (and I still have hair) wondering if people really got thier money's worth?
Another interesting note...why do people cheer when somebody swears?
I watch half the floor remain in thier seats at an "old fashioned" Rock and Roll concert...what's with that?
What spiritual connotations did I pick up on? A few...we still lived in a sexually charged society and that still sells music.
Sometimes...when you walk away, you have a heavy heart...........


Brad said...

Paradise by the Dashboard Light is off the hizzook. :)

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nice bellybutton