Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Is God real? Does He care? Is He even there? Is He there for me? All questions sincere people ask all the time. Why? Because they’ve experienced heartache. They have been disappointed. They have been disillusioned.What do I mean when I say disillusioned? I’m talking about you having certain negative realities discourage you, bring you down, and disenchant you with Christianity. I’m talking about you being turned off of God and being disappointed with Him due to other factors happening in your life.

This Sunday we will look at a few things that can cause you to wonder if God is there for you…things that can make you disillusioned about God, the church and Christianity.
What are your thoughts?

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Misty B said...

Very soon after I became a Christian I read Reaching for the Invisible God by Yancey. He asserts that doubt is not the opposite of faith. Doubt causes us to ask questions. This morning I was listening to Mark Driscoll and he points out that even John the Baptizer asked questions, confirmed with Jesus that he was the One. We are supposed to ask the questions.

Asking the questions when we have them is part of our faith journey. We should ask. And when people ask us we shouldn't be afraid to admit we don't have all of the answers. Often people will give us pat answers instead of just sitting with us in the question. It takes courage to ask the question and I believe that God honours it.