Tuesday, August 10, 2010

This Sunday...a personal response to a serious blow

In this life we live, we will all suffer a serious blow of one kind or another. The question is how do we handle it? On a personal note, we lost my father to cancer in October, and then in May we lost our son Josiah. That was a double whammy. One loss was "expected" the other "not at all."
So the questions begin to arise, the emotions begins to surface, the feelings are raw and many times we find ourselves wandering in the desert.

What do we do? Where is God? Never mind the whole host of other questions and feelings that we all go through. How do we deal with this stuff? This Sunday we will begin to explore this and more....

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Cindy Doroshuk said...

I appreciated your message this morning Gerry. I also lost my dad to cancer this past November, and I don't know if I will ever get over it, but I am looking forward to a time when the memories are no longer painful, but bring fond thoughts of the times we shared.

I guess the most we can do is to strive to be more like Job. No matter what he faced, he remained steadfast in his faith in God.

Looking forward to hearing more.