Thursday, April 15, 2010

It has been a while....

I have felt that this blog has been "out of service" for the last little while, and the only reason that it has been neglected was that I had to pick and choose where to spend my time. This was one area where I had to cut back on. But we are back!
So, I came across this post...Things I don’t understand

I came across this list and it comes from Chris Elrod’s blog ( . It made me say to myself “Interesting!” What are your thoughts?

Folks that show up to church only a few times a year but expect the pastor to drop everything to provide them with his undivided attention.
People that put nothing in the offering plate but still have the stones to expect that their opinions on the church should count.
Parents who ground their children from church or the youth group…the very things that could help them with their behavior, future and afterlife.
People that expect the pastor to tolerate their political views…but leave the church because of his.
The occasional volunteer that expects the church to throw a parade in their honor just because they finally did what the Bible commanded.
People that have basked in the grace of God…but fail to give grace to anyone else.
Pastors that leave one church for another…for better pay.
The need for church growth plans, programs, books, conference, seminars and resource kits…when we already have the Bible
Women that tolerate their husbands having multiple affairs…”for the sake of the kids”.
Pastors that would rather be political pundits or civil rights leaders…instead of just preaching the
life-saving message of the Word of God.
People that have one spiritual standard for their pastor…and another for themselves.
Folks that think the word ‘disciple’ is a noun…and not a verb.
People that make comments about needing to go “deeper” in God’s Word…as if there is a Scripture in the Bible that isn’t deep.
Pastors that think accountability means never asking them the tough questions or taking the hard line when it comes to their failure to follow Scripture.
Men that think being the head of the household has something to do with the amount of money they are bringing in or the title they acquire at work.
Care to add to the list?


canada goose said...

Furthermore, I do not believe that it's ever considered "selling out" if what you're "selling" is salvation, pure & simple. I say, whatever works to soften hearts to spread the gospel is what we need to do. Let's try to bend and sway like the trees in the wind and be fluid, open to new ways to bring Jesus to life in hardened hearts. God does this for us, so why can't we for others?

canada goose said...

(Please note that I originally wrote a few more paragraphs; thus why I started (the only one that was posted) with "furthermore". Thank you!)

Jean said...

People who say that they don't hear God's voice, or that they feel far from God, and they don't take the time to read their Bible.

Karl said...

I have a few.

Why battered/used/abused people continue to return to the batterers/users/abusers time and time again.

People who say a church isnt friendly/open enough and that they cannot make friends who come late, leave early and never get out of their seats to mingle in between.

People who gossip and justify it by saying that theyre just sharing the information so people will now to pray for that person.

Misery oneupmanship. By which I mean when someone is having a bad day the need others feel to say "oh yeah, thats nothing, I'm having a way worse day/week/month/year/life than that."

Ill stop here but im sure if I thought long enough i'd never stop.

She... said...

People who are unwilling or unable to accept where other people are at. ;-)

People who complain about others openly to anyone except the person with whom they are frustrated. ;-)

I don't understand what your intent was in posting this list, Soul Pastor?

Although I had fun with doing what I was complaining about (above), I'd far prefer to grit my teeth and say... "Well. That was me, in my past. It sure didn't serve me well." and then hope to find a way to either explain how it (didn't) work for me, or be okay with it because I can only make my choices, or keep it to myself.

Anonymous said...

I don't have a gmail account nor do I blog so I'm emailing what I think regarding the "Things I don't understand" list that you got off Chris Elrod's blog.

I can feel your frustration with people warming seats in your church with no contribution of time/gifts or money. This is something that comes across in this blog and in some of your life lessons/comments.

To "add to the list" and also see the issue from a non leadership point of view:

“Pastors, or church ministry leaders who want to get to know you, invest in you while you are "involved" in ministry but when you stop (for whatever reason) or invest elsewhere your friendship is dropped and their interest in you is lost.”

I don't mean this to be rude or to make light of the investments you make and the needs that the church has but really how many of your church friends would you continue to invest in if they felt called elsewhere?

I am very leery of getting to know any leaders in churches because this has been our experience. We left our previous church on good terms, no conflict or big issues (one of the main reasons we left was because we homeschool our kids and as this church has a school tied to it our kids were really on the “out” - as this is one of their main large group interactions we felt it should be more positive). We were very involved, leading housegroups, in the nursery, on different committees, tithing...and after serving there 10 years, eating with some of the leaders weekly for 4 years (through a supper club, created to encourage community) we were dropped like a hot potato.

I know you all don't have time to invest in everyone. It's not realistic and I don't think it's a reasonable expectation but to realise that leaderships' interest in the "pew warmers" is almost directly proportional to what they give back in time or involvement in ministries is "interesting" (as you put it).