Monday, April 19, 2010

Just thinking.........

It’s Monday morning and the question is…”what in the world did I say!!???” Yes, I am having a Monday morning hangover. Yet, as I reflect back on yesterday I am reminded that so many ‘churches’ have so many “people of faith” showing up on Sundays who have no depth to their understanding of what the Bible says.

I have grown weary of cultural Christianity. Many folk want a convenient faith. A faith in a GOD who will accept all that we want to do without any consequence to any of our actions. We live in a culture that will pick and choose how or what they want to believe to best fit their lifestyle at any particular moment. I am not sure that is how GOD intended life to be.
Why is it in our own relationships with people we create boundaries and we are very easily offended when those boundaries are rubbed up against or even crossed? But for those who consider themselves a “people of faith,” many have no problem living a life that we know is offensive to GOD, and many expect Him to simply mind His own business, until we need Him to show up.
At no point in time am I saying that I have my act together. I, as well as others, am looking to change my life and let it reflect an intense and fervent love for GOD. I have to admit that it is an insult to a fully committed GOD and a Savior who went the distance for us to allow there to be shallow and disingenuous faith in our hearts. If it turns my stomach, it must make GOD wretch all the more.
What about you? Ever look at your heart and become disgusted at the weakness of your own faith? Ever listen in vain for GOD's approval on your half hearted commitment? I know I have. What compares to his sacrificial love for us? Whose heart is like His? Just thinking..
GOD, look at my shallow and frail faith and help me to deepen my roots in your favor. I long to replicate your love to the watching world. I long to connect to your heart in a way that radically infects my soul. Help me to walk this out; to flesh it out; to commit fully to the journey. I know that there is great benefit to my heart - but let me do this in honor of your love. AMEN.


James said...

Gerry, I love it when you don't pull any punches! Conviction, conviction, conviction! I believe it's part of your God-mandated job to challenge the flock, and if some people get uncomfortable hearing what you have to say, then that's probably exactly what they need to hear!

Anonymous said...

Isn't it amazing how, when you choose to deepen your relation ship with Him, He prepares a way. And not only a way - but one that you will enjoy.

Justin Hintz said...

I have "looked at my heart and became disgusted at the weakness of my own faith"...

I was at church yesterday in the congregation singing the songs that I've sung over and over. I got to thinking...I can be SUCH a hypocrite. How can I sing these songs to God with a clear conscience?

i.e. Take my life I lay it whole life is yours...I surrender to your name... many times have I failed God...many!

Then I realized as I was singing these songs, my intent was not show off to God and the people around me that may have seen me was my act of FAITH in worship that allowed me to sing these songs.

Once again, I realized my frailty and the fact that life without a relationship with Christ is meaningless. But this was a declaration of faith that I am aiming for a life where those words will ring true.

I certainly consider myself a "person of faith"...but the day that I think I'm entitled to something because of my faith or that God "owes me something" will be a scary day. I owe Him everything and He owes me nothing!

Anonymous said...

Karl said...

To me prayer is communication with God.

I disagree that you can have a connection without communication. Relationships with other species notwithstanding I have yet to see a friendship, marriage, business partnership etc. survive let alone thrive without communication.

It might even be said that the reasons all of these fail is that at some level a breakdown in communication happened.

The image of God as distant and uncaring seems irreconcilable with the image of God as a loving Father who sent his Son to die for us.

Just my thoughts.

kenny said...

great post. I just read today, a statement that penetrated into my thick head. That change is never our own doing (we can't fix ourselves), yet when we submit to Jesus and allow him to lead, direct and speak into our life, out of the extreme love of the Father, are we then transformed and changed.

I want my soul infected by God's heart!!!

Thanks for writing...keep going, He who began a good work in you will bring it to completion through Christ Jesus!