Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The follow takes place after 8:00 am

So, we had a great sleep... although Mark, the guy WITH the ear plugs....SNORES!
The staff brought up an interesting breakfast...with fruit and cake and some sort of rice cereal.
Mark and I got dressed and went out to explore. We made our way to the MCC office, but got lost in the process. OF course, we are unique folk and I was making friends with some school kids in a local park. We have finally found the MMC office and we are talking with Cathy (on sabbatical for the states) and she is here working with the university that we are connecting with. WE ARE GLEANING information from her and it is absolutely fantastic! Time well spent.
We plan to do lunch with Dan and Jeanne and we will see what happens!

We are rested and ready to go!

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She... said...

Prayer #2 complete! :-P

Glad to hear about the information! Fun posts - and it shouldn't be so funny that Mark ate the chicken! (And yet.... it is. :) )