Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The following takes place after 5:00 pm

We are now on Semarang time. (12 hours different from Winnipeg)
We are finally here and Dan and Jeanne, along with Lilik met us at the airport and from there we got reacquainted and proceeded to pick up another couple who works for MCC. We then went to our place where we were staying. Originally we were to stay with Dan and Jeanne, but the have company that has a little baby, so we are in a "guest house." This is like a motel, very nice and clean!

So, it was time to eat and they ask Mark and I what we wanted, and we said...."WHATEVER"
So they took us to a restaurant that only served chicken. Yp, Just chicken and rice! YUMMY! Is was finger licken good chicken.....with hot sauce on the rice... Oh yeah...I need to mention just how too funny this is. THE VEGGIE ate the chicken. Oh YES! Payback is a monster. So, I asked Mark, "How was the chicken?" He said; "It tastes like chicken." :P

Back to the Guest House, it was 8:30 pm here and we are full, but tired and it is time for a shower and some sleep!

Until the morning!

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