Monday, April 18, 2011

The following took place from 1:30 pm to 5:30 pm.

So, we pulled up to the orphanage and saw the basketball net to the side of the parking lot and all the boxes still in the office. The only thing that was opened was the amp. Well, I came ready to play! I was dressed to sweat and sweat I did. The first thing we did was got the basketball net out and filled the base with water and then passed out the four balls.... IT WAS MAYHEM. The joy and the laughter was a sight to behold. The next thing was that the boys, with the help of our host, began to set up the badminton net in the middle of the parking square. They had to dig holes without shovels...that was a sight as well. Eventually, we got it up and running and I found out my host was a badminton player. Actually, it was his idea that we buy the kids a badminton set...a great idea at that.

So, after having shooting practice, I arranged a 5 on 5 scrimmage with the boys. What a blast...I am not sure how long that went on, but when that was over I went to play our host and the pastor of the orphanage a game of badminton. My teammate and I got our clocks cleaned, but that was great fun. So, by this time it was extremely PANAS...that means hot. The heat and humidity was easily close to 100 degrees. All during this time I had Mark working. You see, I am the boss....I get to play with the kids and Mark get to work with the pastor and staff. As Mark says, he is just the "sheepole." You ask him about that one.

Mark worked had asking questions and gathering data for us, but it was time to play soccer. So, waiting for Mark to finish gave me a moment to cool off and drink 2 litters of water in less than a minute. It was during this time that we handed out all the clean canteens that we brought with us. I told all the boys that they had to fill them up with water and we would take them to the soccer pitch. Sure enough they did. We had enough canteens for everyone, and yet it was interesting because the girls didn't realize that they canteen were for them as well. They stood by politely until I clued in as to what was going on and then I made sure that they all took one as well.

Mark FINALLY finished alive it was about time and we were going to play soccer. But Mark decided to stay back at the orphanage to play with the kids who were not going to play. So, the boys and went to walk about 15 min to the pitch along the way we witnessed a motorcycle accident. Their motor cycles are our scooters, but it was an amazing crash none the less. Both riders walked away with minimal damage, but it was scary. As we walked through the area, every eye was on the foreigner. People would come out of their homes to watch me walk with the boys and some even got on their scooters to see where we were going. So, here is this huge Londo Gamuk (Fat white guy) walking with all these boys, and what a sight it was. I am wearing my glasses, my New Hope golf shirt, shorts and my Jamaica head band. as one of the kids at the orphanage said: "I looked like a robber."

We finally made it to the pitch and played a group of Javaneese kids. What a bunch of fun! The most interesting thing was that this was a dirt pitch, but it was also used as road for cars and scooters. Now, add a Londo Gamuk standing in the goal at one end...and it was a sight to see cars and scooters slow down and take a double look. The game was 1 - 1 when we had to call it due to rain and the kids had to be back for 5:30. We started walking back when the clouds opened up and the rain came down....I WAS SOAKED. By the time we made it back everyone was under the roof waiting for us and there was a thunderous roar from the kids as they saw me like a wet rat. I had the opportunity to take a traditional Indonesian shower and freshen up...the orphanage does not have our style of showers, you have a ladle and a tub of water from which to draw from and you pour....

Our interpreter was with me and he was soaked as well. I had brough an extra shirt with me, justin was the Youth Jamaica Team shirt that they gave me. I presented to our interpreter to put on and he did....We are not sure if we got a picture but you have to imagine this little man with my shirt on him, it went down to his knees. It was great, and he was grateful! And I told him what the shirt was about and how it was from and that meant the world to him. He wore it to dinner tonight, underneath his coat! :)

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She... said...

Zoiks! I stepped away for a moment and seemingly missed out on an entire week!

This is so heartwarming. The women-as-lesser thing always surprises me, because I simply can't understand it. I'm glad you realized what was happening and turned the situation around.

There's still a fair bit to read to catch up, but it is so obvious you and Mark are making impact. Continued prayers from this end. And thanks for so many warmed hearts at having been remembered in prayer when there is (quite obviously!) so much going on over there.