Monday, April 11, 2011

The following took place between 2:45 am BC time and 2:30 am Hong Kong time

Our flight left Vancouver at 2:45 (4:45 Winnipeg time) and the flight to Hong Kong is 13 hours long and i am stuck in a small seat. I was welcomed by my neighbor who was sleeping halfway in my seat!!!! As it turned out, I am a big guy and he quickly decided not to cuddle with me! As I am writing this I believe we have been in the air for about 8 hours. I am just not too sure. I took half of a happy pill (sleeping pill) but there really has not been much sleep. I guess late night gaming comes in handy here. I do have a killer of a headache....BUT THEN i am woken up by the attendent...WHY??? TO FEED ME! I just want to sleep, so the next thin I know I eat what is in front of me and I am zonked out! I THOUGHT I TASTED MEAT! I have forgotten just how tough flying around the world is. Oh well, we will be landing in Hong Kong in 4 hours then we will find our gate and go onto Jarkarta. So there has not been anything interesting happening, but I did watch a whole series of Modern Family! And as I write I am listening to ALM UK....A great album.

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