Sunday, April 17, 2011

The following took place from 6:30 am to 9:30 am.

Yes, you read it right, a 3 hour service. This would make the most passive of Mennonites rebel in Canada, BUT WAIT! We are in a Mennonite church, but it is in Indonesia. From the onset of the very first song you sensed the very real presence of GOD. They sang, and sang and sang with gusto. Some of the choruses we knew, some of the hymns we knew but for the more part, we worshipped along, not knowing the language. They had a special pastor today, and no it is not me. It was an evangelist! And when I say evangelist, this brother was Pentecostal to the core. (Mark thought he was in heaven) .

The pastor is known for a healing ministry here in Indonesia and Pentecost came to a Mennonite church today. As the pastor preached, he was funny, captivating, dynamic and direct. At one point he showed a video of people being healed in his church and I hope to receive that video so that I can share it with Soul. He also used another video to illustrate a point...this guy was good!

But the climax of the morning was when he gave the altar call to come and receive healing. I HAVE NEVER SEEN people rush to the front of the church like I did today. I mean RUSH! This church had never had a service like this before and it was evident that they wanted a tangible experience from GOD. There were two altar calls and it was like an old time camp meeting with people being prayed for, moved by the Holy Spirit and some falling under the power of the Holy Spirit.

I had the opportunity to lay hands on one man and he broken down in such a manner that it moved me to tears. The presence of God was so rich this morning, that we left speechless and uplifted.


Greg E. said...

Wow, it must have been something to see. Could you understand the pastor or did you have an interpetor?

SoulPastor said...

As I said when I was asked to address the congregation at the end of the morning..."Pastor, I did not understand anything you said, but I understood the Spirit." We did not have an interpreter at the church, although Mark and I each had someone who knew English share with us a little at a time of what was going on. It was a fantastic time.

kenny said...

may this be ever increasing at Soul! Maybe we should fly this guy in?