Monday, April 18, 2011

The following took place from 10:00 am to 1:30 pm.

We started our day by visiting a local Christian radio station that broadcasts all types of Christian influenced programing from music to Pentecostal preaching. It was the station on the radio in the van that we were in all the time. On my last visit to Indonesia I was interviewed on that station, so it was interesting to see just how far they developed the station. The outreach from the station is amazing and not something we in the west would expect from a country like Indonesia.

After our visit at the orphanage, both mark and realized that the kids were missing something. Some serious toys! Yes, I said it, toys. So we were on a mission to find a sporting goods store and we did! Not only was it a sporting goods store but also a music store (Sam would be impressed). Sporting goods on one side and music on the other. The owner is Christian and because our host has dealt with him before he gave us a discount on all that we purchased.

So this is how it started. We were looking for a portable basketball backboard, actually two and we found 2. So, we added 4 basketballs, a badminton set (net, rackets and birdies) and new ping pong paddles. Last night they were having problems with their micas and amps so we also bought two new mics and a new amp. Of course we tested the system before we bought it. We were worried as to how we were going to get everything in our van. BTW vans are a little smaller here! Then we find out that they were going to deliver all the material for us. So, we did not tell the orphanage that the gifts were coming! I would have loved to see their expression when the truck pulled up.

After all that we went for a quick bit to eat and then off to the orphanage!

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