Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The following took place from 4:00 pm until who knows when

When we arrived at the airport, the man behind the orphanage had a driver waiting for us. I have to admit, I have never seen my name held high at an airport, not even from my own family. The funny thing was that there were two signs with my name. The driver and a driver from the hotel that we were staying at. I be big shot! Or sorry, Mark be big shot too! I graciously thanked the hotel driver and went with the one that was provided for us.

The hotel in Jakarta was beautiful...we went for a swim and a sauna then off for dinner. Yes it was time to eat. We want just something light, like a soup and salad. So we ordered a prawn Tom Yum soup, which is a spicy soup. And to cool our taste buds we ordered a Thai seafood salad. Ok, then you think Thai, maybe you are thinking ginger, sweet, a little garlic.....ummmm not this salad. I couldn't figure out why Mark needed water so bad. He thought that he had a pepper from the soup, which he did, that was giving him the heat. Nope! It was the salad. This salad was HOT, I mean it was so HOT that I had to use the soup to cool my mouth. We are still laughing about it.

We had to be up by 2:45 am to leave for the airport at 3:00am. We got a couple of hours of rest and now we are in the airport in Jakarta, waiting for our flight to leave for Hong Kong in one hour. When the driver took our luggage from the hotel, I told mark to sit in the front, he was so tired that he went to the "drivers side" to get in. Here in Indonesia the wheel is on the right and they drive on the opposite side that we do. Needless to say the driver had a good laugh as well.

So, we get though security at the airport...without a hitch....so I thought until at the check in counter, guess who gets pulled aside? Guess whose suitcase they wanted to go through? I figured that the guy lurking around us was up to something but I thought that Mark was the target....he is so much prettier than I am. But nooooooooo, he wanted to go through my bag....go ahead buddy, nothing but wet clothes! So, now we are in Starbucks and waiting to depart. I believe our total airtime is around 21 hours today and we plan to be home at around 11 pm! Wednesday...and it is Wednesday here in Jakarta....truly that day when the sun stood still. See you all soon,

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