Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The following took place at 4 am.

The following takes place on Thursday  between 4:00am and 5:00 am 

Last night after our visit with Dan and Jeanne, Mark and I walked back to out guest house. It was a great walk, it is also still the rainy season so everything is green and a tad bit slippery. Back at out guest house we had supper, good conversation and went to bed.
  Around four clock this morning a voice called my name. I thought I was dreaming, I had those effects from malaria pills before. But no, I heard it again, but now it was a different voice. "Heeeeeeey Gerrrrrry.....heyyyyyyyyy Gerrryyyyyyyyyy."and then it was a different voice saying the same thing.  I woke and looked at my clock and it was four am, who in the world wanted to talk to me? As it turned out it was the Muslim call to prayer. Well I am up now and my name is not Samuel! But I thought that since I was up I too should pray, so I did. 
I prayed for our trip and that our meeting the university today and tomorrow would be productive, I prayed that the people we need to meet with at the orphanage would show up and we can accomplish much.  I prayed for my wife Sharon and for each one of my boys that God would be with them during school and work and that they would have a special blessing on their lives. I prayed for my mom and my fatherinlaw and my extended family. The Hintz and Studensky family and not too mention my two brothers families. 

I prayed for the Steering Committee and thier families, each child by name. I also prayed for the staff at Soul and I will specifically give Joanne Ritchie a shout out!  

Then I prayed for the Soul family and numerous people came to mind and I will just mention names...and they know the rest! There was Luanne, Kaily, Mike T, Mike and Esther, Misty, Tye and Nancy, Kenny and Paula, Nic, John and Dan, Brad W. Paul K. Penny and Ernie K, Tug, Jayce P and her family, I prayed for the Dewberry's, Duane and Odette, Cam k, Amanda H, Seth, Conrad, Heather, Stan and Joan, Lana and Alero, Mike B and Capt Armature, Darryl F, Marita W and family, Kristen N and her family, William, Paula P, Raelynn R, Kristy L, Awln and his family especially those overseas, Jan and Ernie, Brad and Janet, Horst and Heidi, Angela and Ian, Colemans, Rebecca D, Jaret E, Gillies V, Tannis an Ron and Ryan and Rev.  The list goes on...but I must end.  See you later! 

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