Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The following takes place at 12:30 pm.

We have landed, bought our visa and waited forever for our baggage. On the way out of immigration Mark got pulled aside and asked to open his bag that will filled with soccer balls and water bottles. Mark is now in jail and charged is smuggling.

Just kidding! They did stop him and question him, but he said they were for the children and they let him go. We were able to make our way to domestic departures very easily. Went through about 3 security checks to finally get to our gate....but on the way we grabbed a STARBUCKS...blended mango and raspberry juice!

Now, we wait as it is 2:21 am Tuesday (Winnipeg time) or 1:51 pm Jakarta time. Our flight leaves at 2:50 pm then we have a drive ahead of us!

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