Sunday, April 17, 2011

The following took place 1:30 pm until 7:00 pm

We drove down some roads that reminded us of Winnipeg's pot hole situation. Naw, Winnipeg is worse. And we pulled up to the orphanage that we sponsor. No sooner that when we got out of the van than we were swarmed by mainly girls grabbing our hands, holding our arms, smiling and so appreciative that we came to see them. I was moved to tears and this was only the first of many throughout the day.

We passed out the blue wristband to everyone reminding them that this was a gift from our kids to them! we have some great pictures of that. We had suckers, some frisbees and a couple of little foam footballs and of course, soccer balls. All of these were such a hit with the kids, the youngest being in grade 7. We played soccer and passed the frisbees and tossed the footballs for a while, then the kids sang us a song! INCREDIBLE!

Mark and I had a tour of the place and then we had lunch....more food! After that we just hung out with the kids asking questions and answering their questions. But when the girls found out I had four boys! Look out!

We took the boys for a walk around the area and saw the town, then it was the girls turn. Our interpreter was getting really tired as he kept trying to keep up in the sun and the heat! WE HAD A BLAST!

At 5:30 we went into the meeting area and had a time of worship and prayer and testimony with the kids. WAS THIS EVER MOVING. Not only could these kids sing, but they also could worship. The tears that were shed by the kids, shook me to the core. We heard a testimony from one of the boys and the presence of God was so strong during our time together I cannot wait to show the video to Soul.

At 7 our ride came to take us back to the hotel and now both Mark and I are in a place of reflection. Praying for Soul Sanctuary this evening!

Any questions? Feel free to ask! .

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kenny said...

as I read this...I had this sense of the importance a Father plays in the role of the children swarmed you...they sensed the love of two Fathers! bless you and Mark.